Hybrid events are taking the industry by storm thanks to their unique combination of in-person and virtual experiences. But, as a newer practice, you may be wondering which approach is best for your needs as an industry professional — well, here are three hybrid event models that you can use for your upcoming engagement. Let’s take a look!

What Is A Hybrid Event Model?

The operation of your hybrid event is only limited to your imagination. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a reliable framework from which to implement both in-person and virtual components. Using one of the following models, you’ll be better able to manage things like technology, speaker content delivery, attendee logistics — and ultimately, enhance the audience experience for everyone.

Single-Venue Hybrid Event Model

This is the most common and easiest model to implement, particularly for those who are beginning the transition to a hybrid event process. A single-venue model is pretty self-explanatory, where you have one location hosting an in-person audience while also delivering it virtually across the globe. To implement this hybrid event model, you’ll need to find a physical location and a virtual platform that can assist with technological integrations like video streaming, live chat, polling, data reporting and so much more.

The single-venue model allows you to streamline logistics, unlike the following two methods, while still providing a top-tier experience to your audiences. However you picture your in-person event shaping up, you can provide much of those same experiences to a virtual audience, engaging them even more throughout the process. With the right platform, you can make sure every attendee has a positive, memorable time at your hybrid event.

Benefits of single-venue hybrid model:

Drawbacks of single-venue hybrid model:

Network-Based Hybrid Event Model

This model is best for meetups, roundtable events, networking engagements or other concurrent in-person engagements, where groups do their own thing and then connect through a virtual touchpoint. It’s a great approach for those businesses with multiple offices and need to host conferences or meetings, or events that have a global reach, where participants may not be willing or able to travel.

In order to implement this hybrid event model, start by developing a proper marketing plan. From there, choose your desired locations, where attendees have the chance to experience the intimate nature of a smaller, in-person event while still having virtual access to other attendees and speaker content.

Benefits of network-based hybrid model:

Drawbacks of network-based hybrid model:

Hub-and-Spoke Hybrid Event Model

As a mixture of both single-venue and network-based models, a hub-and-spoke approach consists of one main in-person event that’s transmitted to several locations of smaller get-togethers. It’s normally best for larger events with a bigger budget that are capable of spanning multiple locations. With this, you get the same excitement around your main attraction, while still giving participants the opportunity to network face to face.

This provides perhaps the most engaging experience, as you could produce an event that’s focused on one main location, while simultaneously branching out to various “spokes” of smaller attendee groups. For example, you have your hub site with, say 1,000 audience members, and multiple spoke sites with 100 audience members each.

Benefits of hub-and-spoke hybrid model:

Drawbacks of hub-and-spoke hybrid model:

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