Hybrid events have become the new normal when hosting everything from conferences to partner meetings to product unveils and so much more. But, you may be wondering, what is the best way for your business to properly use hybrid events to boost audience engagement and maximize the return on your investment?

Let’s find out how your business can take advantage of this unique hybrid approach when implementing your upcoming event.

What Are The Benefits Of Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events offer a combination of in-person and virtual components, giving you the perfect way to expand your reach, while scaling back logistical needs and following health-safety rules. With the proper planning and implementation, you can see a number of great benefits with a hybrid event:

Once you realize the many great benefits of hybrid events, you’re well on your way to successfully putting the necessary processes in motion.

Use Hybrid Events To Widen Your Target Audience

When hosting an in-person audience, you’re limiting your reach to local attendees or those willing to travel. When you offer a virtual component, you give yourself the opportunity to reach anyone around the world with an internet connection. Hybrid events cater to both groups of people. Those who can’t travel can attend via a virtual portal, while those who prefer an in-person experience can choose to attend the live show.

Use Hybrid Events To Support A Higher ROI

There’s no doubt that your business is interested in maximizing your event’s return on investment. That could involve a variety of things beyond simply revenue, too. From more leads in the pipeline to a higher level of brand awareness to attracting more sponsors, a hybrid event can help support your end business goals. Since a virtual component is generally more affordable than an in-person event, you get the advantages of an expanded global reach, without the traditional logistics that run up the budget.

Use Hybrid Events To Attract More Sponsors

Hybrid events are becoming more and more attractive to sponsors for one simple reason: the collection of data. With a virtual event platform, you get an analytical component that provides key information like demographic insights, real-time feedback and even the ability to track how an attendee utilizes your content. As the event host, this becomes a crucial selling point when trying to attract new sponsors, giving you the chance to show off valuable audience segments.

Use Hybrid Events To Attract Speakers

Many professional speakers already have a jam-packed travel schedule. If you’re trying to attract big names, a virtual presentation may be ideal for both parties. They’re able to present from the comfort of their own home via a live stream, while avoiding another trip. If speakers can achieve a similar impact virtually as they would on stage, while allowing you to cut down on travel and accommodation costs, it’s a win-win for your business.

Use Hybrid Events To Attract Exhibitors

When it comes to attracting new exhibitors to your event, a hybrid model can be a great selling point. In-person exhibits require money, time and effort, expended by the exhibitor. With a platform that offers several unique features, like virtual exhibitor booths, you get the chance to increase the reach of these participants, while easing their operational needs of setting up a live showing. This is even more important in today’s professional environment, where employees and employers are trying to keep their teams safe and reduce travel.

Use Hybrid Events To Improve The Audience Experience

Some people prefer to attend an event in person, while some prefer a virtual experience, particularly with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Give both sets of audiences what they’re looking for with a hybrid experience. You can maintain the energy and excitement of a live event, while offering a corresponding digital event that provides the convenience some attendees require. Even though they’re not physically there in the room, they’ll still be able to participate in the same features and functions of your event.

Use Hybrid Events To Collect Accurate Attendee Data

When you choose the right virtual event platform, you get more opportunities to capture accurate attendee data than ever before. When setting up a virtual component, you’ll find that the right platform gives you the ability to capture data that’s more relevant to your business. This includes custom registration forms, URL tracking or serving personalized ads before the event, along with real-time feedback in the form of polling, Q&As or one-on-one chatting. And, don’t forget about post-event engagement. With the right metrics, you can develop individual outreach campaigns that are more likely to bring an attendee into your pipeline and conduct regular touches to encourage attendance in the future.

Use Hybrid Events For Extended Marketing Opportunities

Hybrid events are great for developing marketing content that can be utilized all year long. Since you’ll already have a professional-grade video and audio recording system set up, you gain a wealth of clips to choose from. Sharing this through websites, social media accounts, newsletters, email campaigns and elsewhere extends the reach of your event content. Other opportunities include offering on-demand presentations or speaker sessions, whereby you provide recordings of the event to those who may not be able to attend on the day it’s hosted.

Does your business want to transition to a hybrid event model?

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