Hybrid events, with their mix of virtual and in-person experiences, are a fantastic way to open up new opportunities for your organization, like networking and thought leadership, among other things. So, when you’re ready to make the transition, consider some of the different types of events that work well within the hybrid format.

From internal internal sales meetings to global conferences and beyond, let’s explore the best types of events for a hybrid audience.

External Hybrid Events

External events are those that cater to an audience outside your organization, whether that’s potential clients, customers or even the general public. Sometimes, organizations utilize external events to make product demonstrations for an upcoming launch, set up trade shows for sponsorship dollars, or host client summits to discuss plans and ideas. And, continuing into 2021 and beyond, hybrid events have become the norm for any businesses hoping to attract an audience that may be confined by travel restrictions or health worries.


Making the transition to an external hybrid event is a valuable way to increase attendance rate, while lowering logistical and budgetary requirements. When thinking of your next big hybrid event, consider one of the following formats:

Hybrid Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations work well within the hybrid model, because they’re usually quick and to the point. Also, with growing access to high-definition video and audio, the viewer can gain a realistic look at the new product straight from their devices. For example, Apple takes the hybrid approach with their annual keynote product unveil, whereby they stream live through their website to unveil their new tech in video qualities all the way up to 4K definition.

Hybrid Conferences & Networking Events

When hosting a gathering of like minded people, whether you’re trying to generate leads, develop brand awareness or simply network with one another, hybrid conferences are a great way to bring in a more diverse and inclusive audience via virtual means.

Hybrid Webinars

Webinars are still a popular way for businesses to open up a line of communication with potential customers, while developing thought leadership in a given industry. When hosting a captivating webinar, you may want to decide to amplify the experience by adding an in-person component alongside the virtual experience for extra ticket revenue.

Hybrid Exhibit & Trade Shows

With certain features through a reputable hybrid event platform, it’s possible to craft a virtual exhibitor booth that rivals an in-person experience. With a program like Second Stage, participants can take full control of their portal, offering a personalized experience, complete with chat and video calling, as well as document, video and image uploading.

Hybrid Award Ceremonies

When it comes time to host your annual gala or appreciation event, offer a remote-viewing option this year. Just look to one of several popular hybrid event models to find the appropriate framework for your upcoming engagement.

Internal Hybrid Events

Compared to their external counterpart, internal events are held only for stakeholders within your organization. This could include C-level executives, board members, employees, administration staff and so on. Even those companies that don’t have a global footprint, or are otherwise considered small- to medium-sized businesses, know how hard it is to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Thus, hybrid events can make your internal functions operate at everyone’s convenience.


You can host your event from the comfort of your office and allow those who are off campus to connect to the larger group by way of a virtual portal. Of course, hybrid events can take place almost anywhere, so make sure you decide on the right venue for your needs. When kicking off ideation, check out some of the following formats that work great with the hybrid method:

Hybrid Staff Meetings

Conglomerates with a global network of offices can keep up with each other utilizing a hybrid meeting style. Make sure your large enterprise is able to stay on the same page by implementing a hybrid event platform that offers the features you need.

Hybrid Sales Meetings

Sales people are always traveling to meet new and existing clients, so it’s sometimes challenging to conduct in-person meetings with the whole team when they’re likely scattered throughout the world. That’s where hybrid sales meetings come in handy.

Hybrid Training & Workshops

Make sure employees don’t miss essential training by offering a virtual component to those who are weary of attending an in-person workshop. Also, those hosting the event can do so from the comfort of their own home or office.

Hybrid Happy Hours

Keep your employees engaged with one another in a relaxing, conversational way with hybrid happy hours. Gather a group at your offices, cater food and beverage, and beam-in your remote employees against a large projector screen so it feels like they’re in the room with you.

Are you trying to pinpoint the best hybrid event type for your organization?

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