For those event managers that are moving from a fully live experience to a hybrid one that offers a supplemental virtual component, the right platform supports your end goals with a variety of features and functionalities. Not only does it automate many of the processes involved in capturing leads, engaging an audience and managing the day’s happenings, it gives you the power to expand your reach from local to global.

If you’re looking to improve your process with the many benefits of a hybrid event platform, here’s what you should look for before signing up for a service.

Audience Engagement

With a hybrid event, there are two distinct audience experiences that you must offer. While in-person networking remains largely unchanged from years past, engaging a virtual audience becomes more difficult when you can’t make that same human-to-human connection. With a hybrid event platform however, you can change that.

Chat Capabilities

Features like one-on-one chat capabilities allow you to build those same interpersonal relationships as you would when speaking to potential leads in person. Take it further with live group chat, where you can open the conversation up to some or all of your attendees to capture questions, critiques and other relevant feedback.

Video Conferencing

When you can chat with individuals or groups via video, you provide a more visually immersive experience for your hybrid audience – one that may even let them think they’re attending in person. You can facilitate breakout rooms, networking happy hours or live Q&A sessions with speakers, among other exciting opportunities.


With polling, you can gauge both in-person and virtual attendees’ opinions in real time, allowing speakers to interact with the audience directly from the stage. The ability to create custom poll questions in an instant lets you maximize relevancy as it pertains to specific speaker content, while maintaining your audience’s attention levels.

Agenda Management

With agenda management, your audience gets full control of their schedule. They can earmark the presentations that they don’t want to miss, and with easy filtering or searching functionalities, they can browse what’s interesting to them, without sifting through unnecessary clutter.

Booths For Speakers & Exhibitors

Providing event participants with their own portal gives them complete control over their presentation or branded content, whether it’s with virtual speaker preparation or an exhibitor’s booth. This allows them to manage their own audience’s engagement levels, while you can be on-hand for any other type of support they may need.

Top-Notch Support For You & Your Audience

Make sure everyone – whether it’s you and your staff or your audience – has all the help they need. Your hybrid event platform should come with a high-quality support system to help you monitor and respond to any issues that may be affecting your audience’s attention. Whether that’s technical malfunctions, registration errors or anything else, this will make everyone’s end experience much more enjoyable, especially yours.

Data Management

Hybrid events allow you to take control of attendee data, helping you increase your event ROI, while maximizing the effectiveness of future events. With a platform that has data management capabilities, you and your staff are better able to control what’s working and what isn’t, and make adjustments as necessary.

Attendee Metrics

From the manner in which attendees engage with your hybrid event content to more basic demographic information, these metrics give you key insight into the quality of your offering and the type of person interested in that content. From here, you can provide a more personalized event experience focused on what’s already seeing success and place them in the correct place within your sales pipeline.

Analytics Reporting

We all know that the event doesn’t end with the grand finale – you must parse through all of the platform’s data that’s been captured throughout the day. With easy-to-use automated reports, it’s simple to provide the higher-ups with the reports they need to make improvements upon next year’s event and conduct follow-up outreach in the meantime.

API Integration

Do you have your own business system for tracking data or developing reports? With built-in API integration, you’re able to take data management a step further, importing and personalizing key performance indicators (KPIs) as your company sees fit.

Production Capabilities

With the right production capabilities, a hybrid event platform provides the best experience for your audience while making your job less stressful. With some of the following features, you can amplify the quality of your content and produce an event that’s truly special.

Video Production & Live Streaming

Video production isn’t as simple as setting up any old tripod camera and pressing the record button. Today’s audiences expect high-definition video and crystal clear audio that’s uninterrupted. According to Markletic, the biggest annoyance of virtual events is a bad connection, so you’ll want to make sure to choose a live streaming platform built to handle anything that’s thrown at it.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics go beyond simply supporting speaker content. Compelling artwork, from advertisements to backdrops to logos, draws the eye and brings attention to important messaging, for both you and your sponsors. A platform with supplemental graphic development capabilities allows you to create bold, custom visual assets that help key information stand out.

Light & Room Design

Make sure every type of audience member, whether in-person or virtual, can see what’s happening on stage with the appropriate light and room design. Set the tone for your event, while calling out attention to crucial stage elements, and mesmerize your audience with a captivating light show.

Fully Customizable

A hybrid platform that’s fully customizable will let you design a truly unique experience. With an event management system that’s built to your liking, the entire process becomes that much easier for you, your staff and attendees, alike.

Registration Customizations

From custom landing pages to personalized URLs to digital security enhancements, giving your users a branded registration experience will get them excited for what’s coming next. Plus, you can capture key registrant data at the point of purchase to bring more potential leads into your pipeline.

Social Media Integrations

For both organizers and attendees, custom social media integrations allow both parties to post custom content at their discretion. Gain the power to upload your social media interactions and encourage further outreach with hashtags, liking and sharing capabilities.

Easy To Use

Last, but not least, make sure to choose a platform that’s known for its ease of use. A program that takes a long time to learn will only add to the stress of hosting a great event. Customizations can play a huge role in making sure your dashboard is easy to manage and keeps staff training time to a minimum.

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