Whether your organization is new to the events industry, or you’re rapidly growing and are ready to scale up, you may need an injection of support from an expert. Thankfully, there are hybrid event managers chomping at the bit, ready to help you succeed with your upcoming engagement.


So if you think you need help, here’s how you know that it’s time to hire a hybrid event manager. Let’s take a look.

What Are Hybrid Event Managers?

As those in the event industry know, the hybrid model, whereby the host offers both in-person and virtual components, is here to stay. As such, those without experience implementing things like video streaming, virtual breakout rooms and other complicated technical aspects side-by-side with proper venue choice, stage production or social distancing requirements, may need help from someone like a hybrid event manager. These specialists know how to handle both in-person and virtual events, bringing them together into one unified, effective audience experience.

What Do Hybrid Event Managers Do?

Whether you choose to work with an individual or a team of professionals, there are many things hybrid event managers do. From inception to conclusion and beyond, they’re there to make sure that everything is implemented properly beforehand and the show runs smoothly on the big day. Plus, they can help you uncover hidden advantages that provide value well after the event is over.

Benefits Of Hiring A Hybrid Event Manager

Experts In Their Field

Similar to how you understand the goals and objectives of your company best, hybrid event managers understand their industry inside and out. They will help you from the outset, establishing important key performance indicators (KPIs), event marketing plans, sales strategies and so much more. Look for a hybrid event professional that will best serve your needs. For instance, with larger engagements, you may need someone with expertise in choosing the right venue, sourcing certain talent or implementing a comprehensive stage production that also translates through a virtual source.

Content Management

Content is the most important part of any event, and the quality of your presentations will have residual effects beyond curtain call. When your hybrid event manager can guide your content strategy, you’ll see more success with things like marketing campaign development, virtual presentation design or engagement efforts within your hybrid event platform.

Data Management

When it comes to maximizing your event’s ROI, you may need help taking advantage of the many data inputs that come from your attendees. A hybrid event manager knows the best way to take advantage of an analytics platform so you can make the most of your outreach efforts, respond to audience feedback and improve processes for your next engagement. It’s crucial to understand the successes and failures of your efforts so that you can better plan for the future. Whether that includes tracking attendance numbers, calculating attrition rate, improving attendee engagement or something else, a specialist will make data management easier.

What to Know When Hiring a Hybrid Events Company

Technology Capabilities

A hybrid event manager will harness the power of technology to deliver the best experience to your audience. Whether that’s helping to build a proprietary app for attendees to use, optimizing the day’s schedule via a hybrid event platform or developing an informational website, there are a number of tasks that you may not have the in-house resources to handle. Plus, they should provide support for any equipment and operational needs, from sourcing cameras, microphones and lighting to hiring the right staff members to operate such gear.

Working Together

Sometimes, you may need help with just a handful of tasks. The best hybrid events management team will support you, regardless of your needs. Perhaps you want to handle the marketing and sales component of your event, and hire someone outside your organization to tackle the technical needs of the show. Regardless of what you delegate, this is a good way to trim down excess in your budget while working together to provide the best end experience for audience members.

Budgeting Expectations

With any event, the budget is a big deal for producing the best return on your investment. Make sure to discuss all costs up front, including pricing structure, potential add-on fees and how those charges may be applied when all is said and done. This is a conversation that’s best conducted when you have a general outline of how your event will be laid out, whether it’s an hour long webinar or a multi-day extravaganza.

Amount Of Experience

Look for a hybrid event management company that has enough experience to make you feel comfortable hiring them. Although newer, less-experienced companies may come in with a lower bid, do you want to gamble that they can’t handle common risks associated with hybrid events? Inquire about how long they’ve been in the event management business, how many events they’ve successfully overseen, and always ask for a portfolio and testimonials of their work.


Hybrid Event Management Platform

The best hybrid event managers will use a platform to support their efforts and meet your goals. There are many benefits to using a hybrid event management program to boost engagement, track KPIs, improve production value and oversee the needs of virtual attendees, among other things. This keeps your entire team on the same page, while helping you better manage your event’s lead generation efforts well into the future.

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